Мило Мише,

Пиши ми на This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. или ми се обади на телефон (+359) 884-839-146

Обичам те,



Dear Micho,

We have been separated by greed, lies and forcibly for a long time.

You are 16 year old now.

Please write me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at (011)(359) 884-839-146

Your loving father



Everyone needs to know who he is.

Many do not know or were lied about it.

Truth gets twisted, willingly or unwillingly.




According to Montgomery Delaney I fleed the US out of greed in order not to pay child support ($1500 a month as stipulated in divorce decree).

Imagine that it really was out of greed that I left a $136000 a year job in order to find a job in Bulgaria that pays $20000 a year (or $30000 max for Bulgarian standards.

Am I crazy?

Out of greed to get my income dwindled 4 or 5-fold?

Or maybe the bastard is lying?


Do not trust Monty Delaney.

You will soon realize what this guy did to you. The old womanizer (your mom sugar daddy to be) met your mom in the spring of 2005.

Monty's role in our family divorce is still unclear to me, but one thing is sure - he arranged the pillage of our family money (as we were sitting on cash, earned and saved by me with the purpose to buy a house). Only an example - Monty arranged a "free" lawyer to your mom - Neveen Nesheiwat Michael Assaf - two arabs who pocketed $46000 of or savings and wasted another $22000.

Monty advised your mom on how to imprison me - in Dec 2005 just one month after we've been separated on the day of a court hearing on which I expected to start seeing you unsupervised, instead of court hearing they plotted (successfully) get me arrested and imprisoned.

Then in Sept 2005, after Neary issued his final divorce decree (stipulating 18 hours per month of supervised visitation at the rate of $85 per hour + $ 35 per hour in translator fees), Monty Delaney arranged (I do not see anyone else interested in this) with Yonkers child support unit to start collecting $4500 from my monthly paycheck.

And the bastard (see his emails) dares to blame me that I fled the country voluntarily.

Make the simple calculation, bastard. If you earn $10000 per month and pay 35% taxes, you will be left with $6500

If they take $4500 out of this $6500, you will be left with $2000

Then take into consideration the "generous" supervised visitation schedule of Robert Neary (friend of Nesheiwat friend of Monty Delaney) 18 hours per month, $85 per hour paid to a retired cop, personal friend of Neary. $2000 - 1530=$470 left.

Then ask uncle Montgomery whether one can live with $470 a month (pay the $1200 rent for a studio and go every day well dressed to work on Morgan Stanle commodity trading floor)

Truth is the bastards wanted me out of the US.


Now the Delaney bastard plays it generous - once your true father is out he will support you like his "own son".

Bastard, do you pay Conor and Cecille $4500 a month? For each or for both of them?

And you believe him?

Do you know what is Monty Delaney's worst nightmare?

You to know the truth 






BTW Montgomery Delaney has recently threatened me with adopting you.

Most probably it was just a new way to extort money, to torture me, or just to get money from US taxpayer. In case it does offer adoption to you, you must know that:

1. Such a legal trick won't change the fact you are my son and as such are entitled to 1/2 of everything I own - along with your little brother

2. You are yourself and your blood won't ever change/ If you want to test this try a small test:

I know you are good at math. take one mathematical problem that you are proud of having resolved yourself and whose resolution requires just pure brain (make sure it is quite specific and not available on Google).

Then pose the problem to Krastuy (I know that your mom lies to you that your mathematical talent was inherited from her/genka/Krastuy), to Monthomery and your mom (no chance they will resolve it) and then to me

See whose brain you had inherited.






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